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Meet Dr. Ryan C. Warner

change drives everything I do."

"My passion to promote meaningful

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Licensed Psychologist | Researcher | Speaker | Consultant

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Dr. Ryan C. Warner Aura Profile

Ryan C. Warner, Ph.D., CRC assists teams with creating a culture of inclusion to maximize their potential. Dr. Warner is a sought-after licensed clinical psychologist, researcher, speaker, and consultant. He has conducted talks and trainings at both national and international levels, has been published in various peer review journals, and has served as a graduate-level instructor.


Dr. Warner currently serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RC Warner Consulting, LLC where he provides leadership development, diversity training, and wellness enhancement to boost organizational performance and effectiveness. Dr. Warner utilizes a tailored and interactive approach to accelerate meaningful change when consulting with small and large organizations around the globe. Dr. Warner is a military Veteran, loves spending time with family, and enjoys listening to music in his spare time.


Marquette University

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Counseling Psychology

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Masters of Science (M.S.)

Rehabilitation Psychology

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ​

Bachelors of Science (B.S.)

Community Health-Rehabilitation


License, Certification, & Credential 

-Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

-Certified Rehabilitation Counselor 

-National Register Health Service Psychologist




Past Speaking Engagements

Through various media outlets, Dr. Warner is eager to spread his message about health and wellness across the globe. Check out a recent media interview where he speaks about anger management strategies. 


Through engaging and memorable 

storytelling, keynote speaking engagements can be more impactful.

Listen to what drives Dr. Warner's passion

to create change.



Utilizing evidence-base research can assist with improving organizational diversity concerns. As a researcher, Dr. Warner specializes in the impact of microaggressions on the psychological well-being of marginalized populations. 



Start with the Why Dr. Ryan C. Warner
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Vision and mission have a fundamental role in shaping an organization or company. It reminds employees, stakeholders, and potential partners what you are committed to accomplishing. When working with organizations, Dr. Warner strives to support mission and vision while adopting an equity lens.



Meetup Event

Values, Principles, Purpose

I am a leader who believes in service, action, and purpose

I believe that the idea of leadership and service are inextricable. To lead is to serve and to serve is to lead. As a leader I am at the service of the team and I am responsible for helping others feel supported and appreciated. To do this, there first has to be an organizational vision. This vision should be openly shared with team members and should inspire others to take action. 

I am a leader who believes in values

To promote effective leadership, it is essential to have honesty, respect, accountability, and teamwork. The team and I should reciprocate the values identified. Additionally, it is essential that I serve as a role model and do the right thing even when no one is looking. As a successful leader I strive to cultivate accountable team members, which will ultimately push them to their greatest potential and also motivate me as a leader to improve. For effective accountability to take place, it is important to clearly define the roles, goals, and expectations of the team and of myself. Ultimately, establishing these values at the beginning of the team relationship will strengthen the rapport between members and promote positive team dynamics.


I am a leader who takes a strength-based philosophy

I believe that the most effective leaders are consistently striving to invest in strengths within their self and the team members. I strive to understand the needs of my followers and provide opportunities for members to strengthen their unique skillsets. In order for this to occur it is necessary for me to spend quality time with my team members and get to know what drives, motivates, and inspires them. When good relationships are built, I can then utilize individual strengths to cultivate a well-rounded team.

I am a leader who believes in continued growth, empathy, and self-awareness

I believe that self-reflection and seeking continuous improvement is necessary for all great leaders. As a leader I have the ability to develop the skills of my team members by providing autonomy and promoting individual creativity. For this to be accomplished, it is essential that a supportive environment be created so members can effectively contribute their ideas to the vision of the organization. Additionally, by displaying emotional intelligence and putting myself in the shoes of others, I can better understand and manage concerns that arise.

Leadership Philosophy 

Dr. Ryan C. Warner

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