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The Real Conversations With
Impact (RCWI) Experience™

Diversity and inclusion are top priorities for organization leaders. However, these topics can be hard to discuss, and sustainable change can be difficult to facilitate. Therefore, using an evidenced-based approach, the Real Conversations With Impact (RCWI) Experience™ was created to provide a safe space to host challenging conversations, explore intense emotions, and educate participants on how to strive towards being anti-racist. Being anti-racist means we are actively identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes. Through engaging in intentional action, participating in tough conversations, gaining knowledge, and interrupting biases we can all walk on this journey together.

Objectives and Outcomes

1) Evaluate bias through self-assessment

2) Understand how privilege is expressed in individual lives

3) Describe how awareness of bias can motivate anti-racist action

4) List the signs we are exercising bias that contribute to resistance

5) Recognize systemic barriers within our organizations

What Makes RCWI Unique?

- Not a formal training, no Powerpoint slides

- Participants are interactively engaged to promote optimal learning

- Pre and post assessments are administered to measure outcomes

- Homework is provided to promote growth outside of session

- Participants will create an Anti-Racist Action Plan to boost sustainable progress

- Participants who complete the curriculum will be eligible to be RCWI certified

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