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The Real Conversations With
Impact (RCWI) Experience™

In today's workplace, fostering an anti-racist mindset goes beyond an ethical duty; it's a strategic initiative to cultivate a culture of inclusion. Being anti-racist means actively identifying and eliminating racism by transforming systems, organizational structures, policies, practices, and attitudes.

The Real Conversations With Impact (RCWI) Experience™ steps in to offer a secure space for hosting challenging discussions, navigating intense emotions, and educating participants on the journey to fostering an anti-racist workplace.

Through intentional action, engaging in difficult conversations, acquiring knowledge, and challenging biases, we collectively progress toward cultivating a workplace that is more collaborative and equitable for all.

Objectives and Outcomes

1) Evaluate bias through self-assessment

2) Understand how privilege is expressed in individual lives

3) Describe how awareness of bias can motivate anti-racist action

4) List the signs we are exercising bias that contribute to resistance

5) Recognize systemic barriers within our organizations

What Makes RCWI Unique?

- Not a formal training, no Powerpoint slides

- Participants are interactively engaged to promote optimal learning

- Pre and post assessments are administered to measure outcomes

- Homework is provided to promote growth outside of session

- Participants will create an Anti-Racist Action Plan to boost sustainable progress

- Participants who complete the curriculum will be eligible to be RCWI certified

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