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RC Warner Consulting Team

Assisting Teams with Creating a Culture of Inclusion to Maximize Their Potential

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What We Do

 Boosting leadership, diversity, and wellness are priorities for organizations seeking to excel in today's marketplace. At RC Warner Consulting we specialize in taking a multi-dimensional approach to enhance organizational commitment and effectiveness. We understand that you cannot boost diversity within the workplace without also focusing on wellness and leadership enhancement; and vice-versa. Whether you are a small or large organization, or an individual looking to accelerate your overall development, we are committed to partnering with you on this journey.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist teams with creating a culture of inclusion to maximize their potential. We strive to accelerate meaningful organizational change by producing measurable outcomes to promote sustainable growth.

Our Vision

Using an innovative approach, our vision is to serve as a premiere, globally recognized consulting firm who assists small and large organizations with enhancing their workplace culture through leadership, diversity, and wellness.

Clapping Audience


We provide virtual and in-person learning experiences for small and large groups. Our workshops are interactive and engaging to deliver optimal growth opportunities

for audience members. Our approach is tailored to your unique needs to maximize outcomes. 

Executives at Work


Our unique coaching services will provide a safe space to discuss your diversity challenges, develop your leadership skills, and help you create a culture of wellness and inclusion within the workplace. We utilize empirically-driven research coaching models, in combination with our expertise in the areas of leadership, diversity, and wellness to meet your specific needs.

Business Meeting


Whether you are a small or large organization, research shows that performance outcomes drastically improve when leadership, diversity, and wellness principles are embedded within the workplace culture using a multifaceted approach. Our consulting services will help to create and sustain systemic change no matter where your organization is on this journey.

Meet Dr. Warner

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Licensed Psychologist | Researcher | Speaker | Consultant

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Dr. Ryan C. Warer Blog
Dr. Ryan C. Warner Aura Profile

Ryan C. Warner, Ph.D., CRC assists teams with creating a culture of inclusion to maximize their potential. Dr. Warner is a sought-after licensed clinical psychologist, researcher, speaker, and consultant. He has conducted talks and trainings at both national and international levels, has been published in various peer review journals, and has served as a graduate-level instructor.


Dr. Warner currently serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RC Warner Consulting, LLC where he provides leadership development, diversity training, and wellness enhancement to boost organizational performance and effectiveness. Dr. Warner utilizes a tailored and interactive approach to accelerate meaningful change when consulting with small and large organizations around the globe. Dr. Warner is a military Veteran, loves spending time with family, and enjoys listening to music in his spare time. 

Past Clients

What Clients Say


Dr. Warner facilitated a session for my organization on Unmasking Microaggressions in the workplace. The webinar was a huge success, and Dr. Warner was very accommodating with the needs of the organization. Most notably, he adjusted his presentation time to fit our needs.

Dr. Warner was a pleasure to work with throughout the booking and prep process, and was always very responsive and organized. He also provided several materials upfront to make planning rather effortless. Staff were particularly impressed with the toolkit he provides after the session for participants to utilize on their own.

Ecosystems Management Consultant; United Nations
Microaggressions in the Workplace Training Experience

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