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What We Do

RC Warner Consulting, LLC provides leadership development, diversity training, and wellness enhancement for a broad array of organizations and Fortune 500 corporations. We specialize in integrating psychological, multicultural, and evidenced-based principles to enhance organizational commitment and effectiveness.

Workshops and Trainings



We provide virtual and in-person presentations for small and large groups. Topics may include, but are not limited to promoting resilience, workplace diversity, cultural bias, teamwork enhancement, and suicide prevention.

Speaking Engagements


Using a dynamic approach, we offer memorable and engaging talks on diversity and inclusion, finding your life purpose, psychological wellness, igniting motivation in your team, and more.

Leadership Development


Leadership is an ongoing process. Whether you are an individual or large 

organization, we educate, train, and coach leaders on how to maximize their communication skills, emotional intelligence, and personal strengths to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Meet Dr. Warner

Licensed Psychologist | Researcher | Speaker | Consultant

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Ryan C. Warner, Ph.D., CRC assists teams with creating a culture of inclusion to maximize their potential. Dr. Warner is a sought-after licensed clinical psychologist, researcher, speaker, and consultant. He has conducted talks and trainings at both national and international levels, has been published in various peer review journals, and has served as a graduate-level instructor.


Dr. Warner currently serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RC Warner Consulting, LLC where he provides leadership development, diversity training, and wellness enhancement to enhance organizational performance and effectiveness. Dr. Warner utilizes a tailored and interactive approach to accelerate meaningful change when consulting with small and large organizations around the globe.


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What People Say


Dr. Warner facilitated a professional and insightful session on mental health. It was an interactive discussion where Dr. Warner engaged each participant through various techniques which made the session more enjoyable. The level of detail and conversational pace allowed Dr. Warner to draw in his audience. The session was outstanding and we highly recommend him. We've already scheduled another presentation with Dr. Warner.

Upsilon Sigma Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc

 Men Preserving MENtal Health Training

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